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Product Samples

Folded Products


Gate Folded Brochures

Creative folding can be used as a design element that makes products more versatile, functional or attention- grabbing. Gate folding is one style that can fit all of those requirements. It’s an attractive folding style, and there are several gate fold varieties that complement a wide range of applications.

Roll Folded Products

An over & over fold (a.k.a. “roll” or “barrel” fold) is a common folding sequence whereby each succeeding panel reveals another part of the message as the piece is opened. If creatively used, over & over folds can pique a lot of interest. Common applications include self mailers, brochures, pocket schedules for transportation and sporting events, credit card applications, financial prospectuses and more.

Accordion Folded Materials

Accordion folding involves multiple folds made in the opposite direction of each preceding fold. It’s a versatile fold that works great for projects such as brochures, maps and direct mailers. Perfect bound book covers or center-spread foldouts also benefit from accordion folding.


Foil Stamped/ Embossed Products


Foil Stamped Book Covers/Applications

In the foil stamping process, colored or patterned foil is pressed between a heated die and the paper to be stamped. The heat and pressure transfer the foil to the sheet. The result is a dramatic and elegant appearance that’s popular for both hard and soft book covers, letterhead, packaging and other applications.

Embossed Covers/Applications

Embossing and debossing is a great way to set book covers, software and other product packaging apart from the crowd. Of course, embossing and debossing is also ideal for adding elegance to annual reports, yearbooks, pocket folders and more.