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Product Samples

Hard Cover Products


Text Books

Text books aren't limited to standard looks. Use our casebinding capabilities to create dynamic, eye-catching and durable learning materials.


A good book is hard to put down. Especially one that looks great and doesn't fall apart with heavy use! We can help you produce your next best-seller.

Reference Books

Information is everything. Our experience in creating reference books will help you on the way to an economic and sturdy product. With on-site capabilities such as foil stamping and embossing, we give you the options to make your materials stand out.

Promotional Books

Promotional materials aren't limited to folded brochures and post cards - promote your business with casebound books! Casebound books can be bound thin to create a brochure effect, while maintaining unmatched strength. Hardcover booklets give you a professional appearence and let your prospects know they are dealing with a winner.

Menu Covers

There are many forms and sizes of menu covers. We can take any specification and turn it into your desired product. Menu covers can use any of the materials from any of the mills. Colors are almost limitless. Portfolios can be modified to make multi-page menu covers. Book covers can be modified to allow the insertion of a pre-made booklet to make a re-usable menu cover setup where the insides can be changed with minimal time or effort.

Ring Binders

The typical Ring binder can be used for multiple purposes in the hotel and restaurant business: Room directories and a smaller version for phone directories, extensive wine lists, guest check in and sign in books. This product can be made with all of the above features/options.